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MSV Explorer

Winner of the 2011 Seawork International Commercial Boat Show
Innovation Showcase Award for Diving & Underwater Technology.

Discover what lies beneath…

The MSVEX range of craft have been meticulously designed and set up to be inherently safe, stable and user friendly for Sub Surface Exploration of any body of water from lakes and lagoons to calm tropical sea and has opened a magical window into another world.

Being an Amphibious Surface Water Craft with two seat 360° observation cockpit below the surface, the MSVEX Bobcat Amphibian has captured the essence and exhilaration of underwater exploration but without time limitations or risk for private and commercial users alike. Just drive off the trailer, across the beach and go.

Transition from land to water

The MSVEX Bobcat’s unique Electro–Bio–Hydraulic and all electric Cat Track Drive Systems, though robust and progressive, are simple to drive and can easily negotiate rough terrain, steep slope and climb out, making it a truly rugged, unique and versatile machine.

Above & Below Water

From topside you could be forgiven for thinking that the you were looking at a small futuristic single seat craft, however what lies beneath is a comfortable air conditioned two seat observation cockpit from which the passengers can thrill at the breathtaking 360° panorama of the undersea world during the day or night.

Day and night time use

Not only is the MSVEX Bobcat set up for day time usage, it is optional to tailor make the specification to include high powered LED head lamps, full downward facing or angled shroud lighting, under water HD camera system Inc film record, hydro phonics system, proximity alarm, depth sounder, fish finder etc to complement the operator’s every need and requirement.

Principal operational usages

Given the robust and versatile characteristics of the MSVEX Bobcat, the craft seamlessly lends itself to marine scenic tours, whale and shark watching, reef exploration, science, survey, security, movies, documentaries, personal use for holiday and leisure purposes.