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Two–Four Seat Ground Effect Air Boats…

Radical 21st Century Ground Effect Airboat General Information

The MSV Explorer 21st 2 – 4 seat Ground Effect Airboat is without doubt a radical step beyond convention with its unique turntable fan, ground affect under hull blowers, fly by wire joystick control and enclosed hull with canopy or splash screen.

Further Development Steps

To take things to the next level, plans are also afoot to develop a stilted hydrofoil version of this Radical Airboat creating a real “Hydro – Plane” for the Adrenalin Junkies and Sky Jockeys out there.

Brief Dimensions:

  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Draft:
  • Weight:
    250 – 350 kg

Optional Features:

  • Spring Loaded Stablising Daggers.
  • Under Hull Ground Effect Blower.
  • Fly by Wire Joystick Control.
  • Splash Screen or Canopy.
  • Rear Spoiler – Elevator.
  • Choice of Power Plant.
  • Carbon Fibre Option.
  • Choice of Colours.
  • Stilted Hydrofoils.
  • Trailer


Bespoke Specification Available for the Private or Commercial Buyer