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Amphibious & Non Amphibious Semi-Submersibles…

Explorer Semi–Submersible General Information;

Although Explorers are often mistaken for Mini-Submarines, they are in fact Semi-Submersibles requiring no lengthy training or special licence to operate during the day or at night.

Both the amphibious and non amphibious models comprise an upper hull split into two principal bulkhead areas for housing all batteries and equipment between is a central two seat cockpit from which is a large access tunnel leading down to the observation cockpit which remains permanently submerged below the main upper hull.

Range of Models

Although the latest six model currently in production illustrated opposite does not have the 360° viewing screen used for the Explorer MKII Models, the 180° screen viewed from inside remains breathtaking for all passengers.

Explorer and trailer are designed to fit into standard shipping containers, are fitted with four lifting lugs for ease of delivery on-board ship and can be simply driven into position without fuss, accordingly Explorer Amphibians provide unparalleled transport and deployment flexibility.

Four Seat Amphibious Semi–Submersible…

Explorer MKII Bigfoot Movie Machine for Underwater filming;




Seamless Transition from Trailer to Beach to Ocean

Six Seat Amphibious & Non Amphibious Models…

MSV Explorer MKIII Six Seat Amphibious & Non Amphibious Semi-Submersible

As a result of our end user market appeal tests in Florida during 2014, it became immediately clear that Explorer was a resounding success with the tourist, bringing rise to the production of mould tooling for our new Six Seat Explorer Amphibious and Non Amphibious Models.

Family Sized Observation Cockpit
Latest Explorer with Four Seat Observation Cockpit


MSV Explorer has undergone a complete transformation and metamorphosis into what is known as the MSVEX MKIII Bobcat Amphibian.

This go anywhere machine can’t fail to impress both the private and commercial sector alike with its robust build quality, relentless power and 360° axis spin and turn capability in water or on land.

Whilst the Bobcat may look like a submarine with a difference, like all previous models within the MSVEX Range, the MSVEX Bobcat is in fact a versatile electriy powered amphibian designed to facilitate a breath taking 360° visual experience of the world below the surface of the ocean during the day or at night without risk or time limitation.

General Arrangement

The craft comprise a floating hull under which a 40mm thick inverted acrylic hemisphere is fixed and bonded, forming the main structural component of the two seat observation cockpit which is permanently positioned beneath the ocean when in operation.

All batteries and electronic components are stowed in the upper floating hull with the main controls located within easy reach of the two upper hull seats.

Optional secondary controls can be installed within the low observation cockpit and positioned upon the centre console between the two observation cockpit seats for easy reach.

Access to the craft is via the upper hull canopy, with the passengers stepping down through the upper hull into the observation cockpit.

Power, Propulsion & Performance in Water

Whilst the MSV Explorers are not designed for speed, the Bobcat is capable of approximately 6 knot forward and 4 knots reverse according to prevailing conditions, with an incredible axis spin and turn capability due to the horizontally apposed twin Torqeedo thrusters positioned horizontally apposed either side of the cockpit.

The thrust system is powered by two separately managed 24 volt lithium battery banks, providing more than 100hrs use before the need to recharge, according to set up and specification.

MSVEX Cat Track Systems

The MSVEX Cat Track Systems make it possible to tow or drive the Bobcat from trailer into water without the need for expensive crane or heavy lifting equipment, making the MSVEX Bobcat the most flexible and versatile craft of its kind in the world.

MSVEX Cat Track System Options

Power & Performance on Land

Both the all electric and electric-bio hydraulic MSVEX Cat Track Systems are equally capable from a power, performance and traction point of view, as both are driven by twin 48 volt intercooled electric motors, producing 28kw of power as standard.

Each system will effortlessly and relentlessly drive the Bobcat up or down gradients of 30° or more according to ground conditions and are fitted with heavy duty rubber tracks with a soft footprint to minimise ground impact, whilst at the same time deliver the grip and traction needed to provide an incredible 360° axis turn and spin capability, particularly useful for manoeuvring and parking on board ship.

The MSVEX Bobcat is available with three Cat Track System Options:

• Non Motorised, Towable, Free Wheeling System

• All Electric System

• Electro-Bio-Hydraulic System

Price £ POA

Subject to Track System & Specification Required


• 3 year Warranty on all major components of construction

• Cross Warranty on all other parts where applicable

Purchase Options Available

• 50% deposit plus balance @ 0% over 12 month

• 50/50 Profit Share Joint Venture

Optional Extras

Full Quotation & Specification Available Upon Request ( Contact )



This commercially-coded, go–anywhere machine is now available to rent on a daily, weekly or longer term basis.

£ Rates POA

The MSVEX MKIII Bigfoot Amphibian is perfect for film and documentary making, marine life observation, search and rescue, survey work red letter days or similar.

This high spec machine comes with high powered under water head lamps, super wide angle underwater movie camera and TV monitor, topside forward and after facing cameras and spots, electro hydraulic cat track drive system, air conditioning and cockpit heat cobra seats etc.

The Bigfoot is simplicity itself to drive on land and manoeuvre in water with an immediate 360° spin capability in either environment and the power to navigate steep gradients either into or out from the water.


The craft can accommodate three persons, with the pilot seated in the upper floating hull, all master controls, switches and gauges are within easy reach. The lower cockpit can accomodate two passengers seated side by side with a central step–up console with track drive controls and secondary thruster controls.

Observation Cockpit

The main observation cockpit hemisphere is massively constructed of 40mm hand polished cast acrylic with a tolerance of 0.5mm per sqm for optimum visual clarity.

Propulsion Power & Performance

Whilst the MSV Explorers are not designed for speed, the craft are capable of approximately 6 knot forward and 4 knots reverse with an immediate and incredible on the spot turn and spin capability due to the twin Torqeedo cruise 2 thrusters powered by 24v two lithium battery banks, providing up to 100hrs use before the need to recharge according to specification.

Cat Track System

The Bigfoot is driven by the relentless and progressive Electro–Bio–Hydraulic Cat Track System capable of 360° axis spin and turn with relentless power to navigate rough terrain and steep inclines.

The Cat Tracks are of heavy duty rubber with a soft footprint ensuring minimal ground impact.



MSVEX MKI Amphibian, first in the world and in a class of its own, “yet another Movie Machine” as seen on Discovery Channel.

Now sold and in commercial tourism.



The awesome high spec Award Winning Commercially Coded MSVEX SP&ndash02 Explorer Combination Rig comes complete with its own MSVEX MKII Safari along with the unique hydraulic ocean to deck launch and recovery lift system.



Although the MSVEX MKII Safari is not an amphibian it still never fails to impress and is ideal for the super yacht owner or commercial tourism operator and comes as standard with the following features:

Including, 12v sub system, 24v thrust system, twin 24v lithium battery banks, single 12v lithium battery, three bilge pumps, three battery level indicators, battery charges, shore socket, screen blower, nav light, horn, twin throttle control. standard safety equipment.