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Electro–Hydraulic Drives for Plant & Machinery…

Explorer Eco–EH–Drive General Information

The small and compact Eco-EH-Power Pack illustrated opposite is tailor made to meet your machine application requirements and is supplied with the following:


  • 14 & 56 KW Power Options to meet demand.
  • Rapid Charger.
  • Motor controller.
  • Lithium Ion Battery Bank.
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness.
  • Engine Mount.
  • Single or Double Hydraulic Pumps with…

Information for all Power Units

  • Length (Single):
  • Length (Twin):
  • Max Width:
  • Max Height:
  • Power Supply:
    24 – 48 – 96 Volt
  • Duty Cycle:
    8 Hours >
  • Recharge Cycle:
    1 Hour
  • Motor Type:
    Permanent Magnet
  • Efficiency:

Explorer Eco-EH-Drive 28 KW Power Plant


Eco–E & EH-Drives are bespoke designed to meet the needs of any Special one off Project or OEM Production Requirements.

Electro–Hydraulic Drives for Plant & Machinery…

Explorer Zero Emission Eco–EH–Drive Broad Applications

Although designed principally for the MSV Explorer Amphibians, this small but immensely powerful Electro – Hydraulic Power Pack has a much broader commercial potential by the creation of a zero emission power plant to meet the needs of the construction and other industries in such applications where fossil fuel emissions are considered hazardous.

Eco–EH–Drive Specification Flexibility

The Explorer 30 KW Electro - Hydraulic Drive delivers sufficient power to effortlessly propel any 2 tonne machine up gradients exceeding 30° and can be scaled up to meet the power needs of heavier class machines.

Eco–EH–Drive Bespoke Design

The Zero Emission E – H Drive is a special order system designed to meet the specific needs of each machine and application.

Eco–E–Drive Wet Weather Use

Although the high majority of electric motors do not fair well in wet conditions our motors work just as well, in fact they will even operate efficiently if fully immersed in fresh water, accordingly the EH – Drive is a equally suited to construction site excavators and other outside plant and machinery.

Eco–EH–Drive for Site Work
Eco–EH–Drive for Municipal Buildings
Eco–EH–Drive for Deep Sea Trenching
Eco–EH–Drive for Excavation and Mining

Eco-E-Drive Brushless Electric Propulsion Systems…

Although the through hull 24-48 volt electric drive illustrated to the right was developed by MSV Explorer as a reliable electric drive for the Explorer amphibious and non amphibious Semi-Submersibles, these powerful propulsion systems have broad commercial applications for a wide range of small craft.

Eco-E-Drive Design Features

The Eco-E-Drive systems is plug and play therefore simple to install and is supplied with single or Twin LED Display Throttles, Battery Leads, Rapid Charge System and Lithium Ion Batteries.

  • Motor Type:
    Brushless AC converted to DC
  • Power Supply:
    24 &ndash 48 Volt Lithium Ion
  • Duty Cycle:
    8 Hours >
  • Recharge Cycle:
    1 Hour
  • Power Output:
    2 – 4 KW at 24 – 48 Volts

Installation Options

The through hull electric drive is easily installed into any small craft with a flat under stern section and due to its moon pool sleeve design, steerable or fixed units can be removed in minutes with no plugging or remedial repair required.

Although primarily designed for through hull applications it is also practical to install the Eco–E–Drive in a horizontally apposed configuration as illustrated opposite.

Eco–E–Drive Through Hull Assembly

Eco–E–Drive Horizontal Installation