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Bigfoot Electro-Hydraulic Semi-Submersible…

Movie Making & Stills Mapping Machine

The photographs below generally depict the current methods used in film making and bathymetric mapping, principally due to the fact that until now, no machine has been available or capable of providing a practical alternative to the major reliance upon a dive support vessel, crew and dive team to obtain the footage or stills data required to complete the shoot.

Although it is not suggested that MSV Explorer Amphibians will completely replace current methods used, however it is considered that when fitted with a Red Epic Dragon Movie Camera or an SV2 360° Stills Mapping Camera, our machines will invariably produce a substantially higher task output at a lower project cost as they can operate tirelessly all day without diver fatigue or risk.

Accordingly we have installed four position camera mounts and other specification required to undertake the task.

Seamless Transition from Land to Water

Current Methods used For Filming & Google Under Water Mapping


4 Seat Electro-Hydraulic Amphibious Semi-Submersible…

The machine illustrated below was used as the test bed for numerous development steps to include dual controls system and sealed loop air conditioning along with unique innovation notably the development of our Electro–Hydraulic Cat Track Drive now defined as the Eco–EH–Drive with broad commercial applications described separately herein.


MKII Four Seat Amphibious Semi–Submersible…

Explorer MKII Bigfoot Movie Machine for Underwater filming;




Seamless Transition from Trailer to Beach to Ocean